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World of Warcraft Tokens Allow Players to Purchase Subscription Time With Gold

World of Warcraft -  WoW Tokens

World of Warcraft now features special tokens that players can purchase with in-game gold to pay for their subscription fees.

Ever since the game’s release more than a decade ago, gold farmers in the game have been purchasing additional subscription time through in-game currency.

There’s no official option to purchase in-game currency with real cash, and so players had settled for buying subscription time for others in exchange for gold. This business though stops now, following Blizzard’s announcement of WoW Tokens.

These are going to be available from the game’s Auction Houses and will be good for renewing a month of game time. The Tokens themselves can also be purchased with real money from the in-game store and sold for gold.

Blizzard has stated that WoW Tokens are going to be soul-bound and cannot be traded with other players. They also won’t expire and cannot be deleted.

In some way, this takes World of Warcraft up the free-to-play path. That said, farming gold is still a time-requiring job in the game. High level players are better suited for the job and can simply spam dungeons all over the map.

At the time of writing, the pricing for these Tokens has not been finalized. It will ultimately depend on the economy of the Auction House and Blizzard will set the starting price itself.

One good aspect is that regardless of what price a seller puts up a Token, he/she will still get the guaranteed price even if the Token is later sold at a cheaper price.