The Division PvP Mode Detailed, Will Be Different Enough to Stand Out

By   /   Mar 2, 2015

What can I say about The Division, it’s one of those titles which I would kill to get my hands on. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Massive and is a third person shooter RPG. Apart from it’s main campaign, The Division will feature PvP as one of its multiplayer components.

PvP modes are given a fancy name, Dark Zones, by Ubisoft and will put players in battle of survival against other players. Some new details about Dark Zones were shared during a new podcast on Soundcloud. According to game director Ryan Barnard:

It’s another one of the great ways that we’re really changing up what’s been done previously in this genre. We want PvP to be important. A lot of times it’s hard in a mainstream game it’s hard to get people…people are a little averse to it, it can be a little freaky; it’s generally very competitive.

Entering a Dark Zone will be intense and players will have to fight hard against other hostile communities. However, Bernard claims that they designed PVP in a way that players will feel encouraged to come back. PvP zones will contain different items that’ll help you survive. However, obtaining them won’t be easy.

Players will have to get the item via a process called “Extraction.” If players are unable to extract the item from the Dark Zone, it will be permanently lost. On the other hand, being successful means the items are permanently yours.

Additionally, The Division will feature Social Hub where you can meet other players. Campaign mode supports co-op as well, but only with players you invite.

The Division is expected this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Follow the link above for the entire podcast.

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