New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Zelda DLC Coming This Week for Free

By   /   Mar 2, 2015

The next Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC is heading to 3DS via Nintendo’s eShop this week on March 6th. The announcement comes via a Nintendo live chat show and it was stated that this week’s free of cost DLC will feature some  Legend of Zelda inspired content.

The content in question includes a bow, sword and armour themed after Link. In addition, Clockwork Contraption quest episode is also a part of the new DLC. The episode quests are related to characters from previous Monster Hunter games with complete quest lines.

Moreover, the DLC pack will feature some fan-made weapons from a recently held design contest and a new equipment set designed in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. More DLCs will also be released on every first Friday of the month and all the content will be free of cost.

Upcoming content include weapons and armour from the Metroid series and Mega Man inspired gear among other things. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate already has a ton of content to keep us busy for a while. But all the free DLC is certainly welcomed, because one can never have enough free content. Especially when its for Monster Hunter.

You can download the entire voice chat session from the link given above. Feel free to let us know what you think of the Zelda inspired content in the comments below.

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