Evolve Patch 1.1 Fixes Data Loss, Extra Spawns, Shadows

By   /   Mar 2, 2015

If you have found peace with Evolve even after seeing how the game lacks content and then asks you to buy more than $150 worth of downloadable content, you might be interested in the latest patch that has been released to the Xbox One.

Turtle Rock Studios took to their official website with the patch notes today.

Apart from listing all the areas that they have touched, Turtle Rock Studios have also explained the expanse of the data loss bug and stated that it has been their top priority in the said update:

The issue with lost progress and saved games was mostly limited to the Xbox One; it was rare and affected only a small percentage of players. Fixing this has been the dev team’s top priority since it was first reported, and our customer service agents have been working to help those affected.

Well they are saying that the bug was rare; it might be but that doesn’t change the fact that we saw many of the fans complaining about it recently.

Here’s a rundown on everything that has been fixed or tweaked with the Evolve patch 1.1:

  • Fixes issue on Xbox One with progress and save game data lost
  • Fixes issue with shadows/flashlight on Xbox One
  • Incremental improvements to matchmaking, invites, and rejoining on Xbox One
  • Various progression balance changes
  • Fixes issue where more than one class spawns, creating 5-man team

They have said that the Evolve patch 1.1 is going to eradicate data loss for good, but also ask you to contact them if you continue facing problems.

Evolve was released to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 10, 2015 worldwide.

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