Destiny Banjo, Marrionberry, Drum Errors Rampant Right Now

By   /   Mar 2, 2015

Bungie recently said that the future updates will revamp how Crucible rewards work in Destiny, but it looks like they have more pressing matters at hand right now.

We have picked up tons of complaints from fans of the game who have said that they are having difficulty playing the game.

Mostly, people are having issues logging in and are reporting that the servers are down.

We looked into the matter and found a confirmation from the developers who also listed the most widespread errors that Destiny is facing:

It’s come to our attention that players are receiving banjo, marionberry and drum errors. Please stand by for updates as we investigate.

Out of the three errors that they have mentioned, Banjo and Marionberry come up when your game is having “trouble connecting to or maintaining a connection to Destiny matchmaking servers.” The developers say that you should try again or relaunch the game.

The third one, Drum, refers to a “problem with your networking setup.” For this the developers suggest that you turn the game and the console off, power-cycle your routers and modems and then try again.

Apparently, these fixes have not worked which is why the developers are asking us to keep waiting for an official update on the matter.

That being said, the number of complaints that have been made on DownToday for the login issues people are facing in Destiny have risen up to 2100+ at the time of publishing.

We are not sure how long it is going to take, but if the developers of Destiny are working on the matter, a fix will soon be on its way.

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