Battlefield Hardline Dev Explains How It’s Not a Re-skin

By   /   Mar 2, 2015

At more times than one, we have heard people talking about Battlefield Hardline saying that it is not as tactical as they want or that it is a re-skin.

At the same time Visceral Games has tried defending it by giving their own reasons to claim that it is not only as much a Battlefield title as any, but it offers more than that.

The gameplay producer for Hardline, Mike Glosecki, took his turn to explain both of these elements on the game’s official website. He first countered the thought that it is a re-skin:

Let me give you my take. Battlefield is about all-out-war, teamplay, and strategy which Hardline delivers in a cops and criminals setting. Classic Battlefield fun is available in Conquest with 64 players on some of our bigger maps like Dustbowl, Riptide, Derailed, and Everglades. In addition, there are new gameplay modes like Hotwire and Heist.

Since he was talking criticisms, Glosecki also went on to defend their vision of the tactical aspects of the game. He said that due to the faster pace of Battlefield Hardline, people thought that it wasn’t going to be tactical and also that it was going to be less team based. Here’s his response to that:

I want to point out that tactics are about action. They’re about responding to a specific situation and achieving the desired results. Hardline has this in spades, you use your positioning and situational awareness to get the drop on someone.

As far as team play is concerned, he gave the example of Heist and Crosshair where relying on other players and keeping each other’s backs was the best way to success.

Battlefield Hardline is being developed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows where it will be released on March 17, 2015 in North America and on March 19, 2015 in the European Union.

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