Fifteen New Prestige Levels Announced For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

By   /   Mar 2, 2015

Sledgehammer Games is pushing out fifteen additional Prestige levels for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, making the job of achieving maximum Prestige a lot tougher.

The fifteen new Prestige levels will come with new gear and the chance to unlock better weapons, as players progress through the ranks. Each new Master Prestige rank will earn you a new golden emblem, and also a specific Elite variant of one of the fifteen different weapons listed in the image below.

This includes the BAL27 – Obsidian Steed, MP11 – Goliath, MORS – Silver Bullet, and more.

The ultimate reward for reaching the new Grand Master Prestige rank is an all-new Grand Master Prestige character gear set in black and purple. If anything, those who already had gone through the ranks will now have something more to do.

The new Prestige levels will be added later this month. Sledgehammer Games has promised to keep us updated as we approach closer to that day.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare -  Grand Master Prestige Loot

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