Tarsier’s Creepy Platformer Hunger Gets New Trailer

By   /   Mar 1, 2015

Tarsier Studios has released a trailer for its original platformer, Hunger, which stands somewhere between being creepy and cute.

In Hunger, players take control of a young girl called Six who is trying to escape a terrifying facility called The Maw. The place is filled with monsters and all sorts of nightmarish content. It’s your job to help the girl navigate through this maze of death.

Called as a “suspense-adventure” title by the developer, Hunger looks to closely follow the game plan of previous atmospheric titles like Limbo and Never Alone. Such titles are so less to be found and I for one will always welcome a new contender.

Development of Hunger began only last summer when Tarsier received €200,000 in funding from the Creative Europe Programme. The game is currently in its early stages and is confirmed to release for PC. Other names will be announced later on, which probably will include the PlayStation platform(s) seeing Tarsier’s relationship with Sony.

Tarsier Studios is known for developing the Vita installment of LittleBigPlanet and porting Tearaway to the PlayStation 4.

A release date has not been announced.

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