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Sega Exits Console Gaming, Maybe It’s The Right Call

There were days when Sega used to go head to head with Nintendo. Back in the early 1980’s they had actually managed to pull a race with Nintendo in the home console market and those were the days when their coin operated arcade games sales were also booming.

There was a time when people (sort of) used to think which console should they buy and consider Sega’s 8-bit Master System or its Genesis aka Mega Drive as competitors to Nintendo’s home consoles.

Obviously the market share of Nintendo’s Famicom was way larger, with them being the revolutionaries of their time, these new consoles from the Ōta, Tokyo, Japan based company made their impact on many of the consumers of that time.

Now when such an old player in the market decides to say good bye to console gaming, it is bound to bring back cherished memories of one’s childhood and with that everything that Sega once used to be.

People who have not lived through that era might have a hard time understanding how much of a footprint they have had in the gaming industry seeing how they have been reduced to something way smaller ever since.

In the 80’s and 90’s Nintendo and Sega had been at a tug of war in the home console market because of the timing of console launches. They would usually wait for Nintendo to release one and then try to provide something that had an edge over it only to release it a couple of years later. This would result in the sales being diverted towards them for as long as Nintendo didn’t release another more powerful console.

This had continued for quite a while before eventually Nintendo’s higher resilience took the prize and their competitors had to suffer.

After that, Sega had resorted to making videogames; and they were really, really good at that too! But, it was a demotion since they resorted to making games for their competitors including Nintendo.

The profits of the company have been declining ever since, and now a major restructuring and reshuffling of the business operations is being held. As a result, Services Games aka Sega will bid farewell to the console gaming market.

Instead, they will be focusing all their efforts on the PC gaming market under their new name i.e. Sega Games – which in itself is quite redundant seeing how the full name of the company will now become Services Games Games.

In my opinion, they have tried to create a bigger footprint in the console market for a while now and if they think it is not working, it is better that they concentrate their resources on something that they think they can pull off. Now I am not saying that they have not had success, Alien Isolation was massive, but it is about constantly declining profits and the uncertainty about their own future.

So yes, maybe shifting to PC games will give them the boost they need to make a comeback; and maybe, just may be we will see their games rolling everywhere someday.