Guild Wars 2 First Person Camera Shown in All Its Glory

ArenaNet has released a new video showing Guild War 2’s first person camera in action. It works just like the one in the previous installment and players can use it any and all the time during gameplay.

According to the official Guild Wars 2 gameplay programmer Branden Gee,

“When the Enable First-Person Camera feature is enabled, zooming in all the way will put the camera in first-person view. You can use the first-person camera mode while standing in place, walking, running, jumping, playing PvP, or at any other time. There aren’t any restrictions for when and where the first-person view can be used, so enjoy it whenever you like. We’re looking forward to seeing the beautiful screenshots that you’re going to be taking!”

Camera changes are coming to Guild Wars 2 sometime in March, and as part of the new changes The position slider has been divided into two options – Vertical Position and Horizontal Position. All the planned changes are based on user feedback and you can know more about what’s to come, via the video posted above.

Also, details can be found over at the official Guild Wars 2 website. Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments section below.