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Two New Xenoblade Chronicles X Characters Revealed by Monolith Soft

Since the past week or so, Monolith Soft have been revealing bits and pieces of information on Xenoblade Chronicles X on a daily basis.

Yesterday it was confirmation, through a video, that the weather changes were going to have an impact on the battles, before that they showed off the weather changes as well as the day-night cycle of the game.

Now, the official website of the game has unveiled two more playable characters that you are going to get.

Thanks to the translations we have found on the internet, we know that the two characters are called Lao and Douglas.

Lao is a member of the private military organization, not just a member, he is a Team Leader. He is respected and thought of as a cool headed leader but that is just the outwardly side of him, on the inside he is passionate ans sensitive.

Douglas on the other hand is an expert at dealing with mechs (Dolls). He looks grim on the outset but actually he is quite calm. Douglas is also a member of the private military organization and has known Lao for a while.

The two characters have things in common too, for instance they both excel at fighting and they have both worked in the US Army back at Earth. Last but not the least they have a connection with Elma as well; she has utter respect for Lao while Douglas was her subordinate.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Wii U exclusive title (though I wish it was coming to other platforms as well) and it is slated for a release in Japan on April 29. North American and PAL release will follow later this year.