From Software, Sony Discuss Development of Bloodborne

From King’s Field to Demon Souls, on to Dark souls and now Bloodborne, From Software have a massive history of working with Sony.

Their latest project toogether is being considered as one of the most credible games for PlayStation 4 to date and everyone is interested in how they are doing it.

So From Software sat down together with Sony and shared their views.

In the interview, Shuhei Yoshida discusses how the general quality of Japanese games had gone down recently and that the Japanese games in general are trying to find their own niche so that they can still be relevant to the larger audience than just their home market.”

He concluded by saying that From Software is doing good in the given situation.

While talking about Bloodborne he said that Miyazaki’s idea was not to make the game more difficult but rather make the people fear that they might die any time.

Masami Yamamoto, the head of external development at Japan Studio says that Bloodborne was started because they found the need of another game with Miyazaki-san and From Software ever since Demon Souls. He also revealed that while usually developers come to them with ideas, it was them who went to From Software with this idea.

The video also has Yasunori Ogura of From Software who thinks that all their games have that sense of accomplishment that you get whether it is King’s Field, Demon Souls or Dark Souls and that is something that fans will always see in their games (and Bloodborne, of course).

He says that while the game will feel similar to Demon Souls, every game has its own identity and so will this one.

To sum up, Yoshida believes that Bloodborne is going to be reminiscent of the old days in gaming when games used to really put up a challenge in front of you.