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PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One: New Survey Shows Why Users Buy These Consoles

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One is probably the most discussed topic in the past two years or so. Many users are seen in the comment sections of numerous publications, defending their purchase and explaining why  their rival brand isn’t worth the money.

I don’t believe in supporting a certain brand to an extent that you become an obnoxious monster. I have been a longtime Sony fan, but I love what Xbox has to offer. I usually start a console cycle by first grabbing the Sony platform, then down the road I bring its opponent home as well. But enough about me, let’s talk in general. Buying a console is all about preference and what features you like the most.

According to a new survey, PlayStation 4 owners prefer better visuals, and it’s the  primary reason why most people buy the system. We don’t know how many people participated in this survey, so it may not apply to the masses. On the other hand, “Brand” is the main reason why Xbox One sells – at least that’s what the survey shows.

What’s weird is that the “fun factor” is the least popular reason why Xbox One is bought, while on PlayStation 4 it’s not even  included in the list.

Here’s the the full list of reasons according to the survey:

PlayStation 4

  • Better Resolution
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Game Library
  • Faster Processing Power
  • What Family Wants

Xbox One

  • Brand
  • Innovative features
  • Faster Processing Power
  • Exclusive Content/Games
  • Fun-Factor

I thought consoles were bought just to have fun and play games with our buddies, but I guess that was in the old days. Now it’s all about power, console features and anything which can give us bragging rights.

Why did you buy your gaming machine? Let us know in the comments.