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Madden NFL 15 Ratings Process Discussed by EA

Unlike WWE 2K15, the guys behind Madden NFL 15 are very keen on keeping an updated roster. The game gets regular updates where the player ratings are tweaked in accordance with their performance in the real life.

If a quarterback is getting better, or getting more completion percentages he gets an increased accuracy and it goes vice versa for every other player depending on how they are performing.

The guy in charge of all this is Donny Moore of EA Sports who recently revealed how this was not just a walk in the park – there is a whole process that help quantify the statistics of the players.

Players accustomed to NFL know that the game is not as straightforward as basketball or baseball; it is more open ended resulting in tons of new things that you need to account for before you can actually decide where someone stands in terms of ratings.

In total 43 categories come to play in which the Madden NFL 15 players are rating between 0 to 100. Even after that, the fields which are more relevant to the position the athlete plays in are given more weight than the others.

All this even makes some of the producers worry because they wish to have a simpler ratings system, Moore disagrees:

Some designers and producers complain that there are too many ratings. They ask, ‘How can we limit the number of ratings?’ But I would argue you make players more vanilla with fewer numbers.

The team goes into the details by watching real life matches and taking notes, checking with real world ratings and statistics and last but not the least researching on what other publications are saying about the performance of each player. All this gets harder in the case of rookies since they don’t have much of an NCAA record to show.

And that, to me, gives a truer look in terms of a player’s value, rather than the conventional ‘how many receiving yards’ or ‘what was the completion percentage for the quarterback.

So, do you think Moore is doing his job well with Madden NFL 15?