Hyrule Warriors Lets You Play as a Giant Cucco Too!

Exactly one month ago, Koei Tecmo revealed that Hyrule Warriors had become a million seller – what an achievement! However, this means more things to the developers apart from just a chance to rejoice about the massive sales; it also means the need for interesting DLC content.

So just one small bit that is going to be interesting in the future of Hyrule Warriors just got revealed.

It appears that in the Boss/Ganon pack DLC you will be able to unlock ad play as a giant Cucco – no joke, you cann check out the video above to see how it looks like.

The video is just a small 30 second clip shared by a YouTube user but it is full of the cucoo sounds and how ituses its beak to dismantle the hordes of enemies.

You can unlock the Cucco by getting an A rank is a specific mission. Check out the video above to know more.

Hyrule Warriors was released as a Wii U exclusive in Japan on August 14, in European Union on September 19, In Australia on September 20 and in North America on September 26.

So, do you like the cucco, what other giant character could there be in the game?