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GTA V’s New Hi-Res Screenshots Showoff PC Power

Rockstar Games has released fourteen new hi-res screenshots for GTA V, showcasing high level of details and refinements that the PC version boasts.

The screenshots vary in locations, giving a taste of things to come. There’s no denying that the game looks heavily polished on the PC, with richer textures and highly detailed models.

However, seeing that the game was delayed yet again, do these screenshots stand as another carrot on a stick? Rockstar Games responded to fans over the recent announcement, apologizing for pushing the game back and saying that more time was needed to ensure “the game is as polished as possible.”

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it is that it’s always better accept a delayed game rather than asking for a half-baked release.

The company also mentioned how advanced the PC version is to the previous installments and hence why more time is being needed: “The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is our most graphically and technically advanced version yet, fully optimized to support a broad range of current hardware and features a host of PC-specific enhancements including greater levels of detail, deep configuration options and ultra-high-definition support – as well as the powerful new Rockstar Editor for recording, staging and editing original custom videos.”

To make up for the delay, Rockstar Games is offering a bonus $300,000 of in-game cash for GTA Online to all players who pre-order the game by March 31. This bonus is on top of all existing pre-order bonuses, including the $1,200,000 in-game cash.

GTA V will now release on April 14 for the PC.