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First WWE 2K16 Character is Sasha Banks, According to Her Twitter

Its been just a few months since the release of WWE 2K15, but 2K is already visiting various WWE events in order to scan fighters for WWE 2K16. Which is understandable as this is an annual franchise, they have to prepare everything for the next installment in time.

However, We don’t usually see any information about the game’s roster till August or September. But it seems NXT star Sasha Banks couldn’t contain her excitement of being a part of the next WWE game. One of her fans asked her on twitter if she was scanned for WWE 2K16, to which she replied with a yes.

If that’s true, it means that the very first fighter for WWE 2K16 has been revealed. Considering her involvement in the game, it’s likely more new NXT stars will be a part of this year’s installment. ┬áMany NXT fighters failed to make it to 2K15 but that could change this year.

It’s unlikely but I feel WWE 2K16 should completely move to current-gen consoles. That way developers can fully utilize hardware capabilities of PS4 and Xbox one.

We have reached 2K for further confirmation and details on Sasha Banks’ inclusion in WWE 2K16. We’ll let you know if the publisher chooses to comment.

WWE 2K16 is expected to be formally announced at E3 2015 with a release date of fall.