Final Fantasy XV: World of Wonder Trailer Released in Glorious 1080p

Square Enix has released the “World of Wonder” trailer for Final Fantasy XV in glorious 1080p quality for fans to gnaw at.

The same video, which shows off the game’s ecology and monsters, surfaced online yesterday but did so as a recording from a livestream. The resulting output was hence underwhelming due to its reasonably low quality.

Thanks to today’s release though, fans can see the video again and this time marvel at the beautiful setting of Final Fantasy XV. You can watch it above and get a quick glimpse of what you’ll be soon exploring in the Episode Duscae demo of the game.

Additionally, there’s a second video that shows a dungeon that players can travel to and where they’ll be fighting all sorts of its inhabiting grotesque monsters.

The demo of Final Fantasy XV will feature about 3 hours of gameplay and will take place in the Duscae region.

Players will be able to explore different environments and even take on a Behemoth. Noctis and his team will also buy different ingredients from nearby towns and cook food next to a camp fire.

The game looks great visually but the demo will not run at the targeted 1080p/30Fps. Developer haven’t discussed what the resolution will be for this demo but we’ll know once it comes out.

Final Fantasy XV demo is coming alongside Type-0 on March 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.