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Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae “Step into the Shadows Trailer” Released

Square Enix has released a new trailer from Episode Duscae of Final Fantasy XV. The new footage is brief and is dubbed as “Step into the Shadows.”

As expected from a game like this, visuals are beyond impressive considering the title is still in development. We were previously told that episode duscae will feature over three hours of gameplay. Throughout our time we’ll be able to take on a range of enemies including a behemoth.

Exploration will be a major part and players can head into a number caves, similar to the one seen in the video above. Inside, you’ll find different monsters to fight and items to loot.

It’s unclear if your progress will transfer to the final game, but it’s unlikely it would. If you wish to play the demo, get yourself a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The install size of episode Duscae will be 5 GB on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XV is yet to be given a release date but it will come out for current-gen consoles only. For more on FF, keep it locked to SegmentNext.