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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Now Has 4 Million User Accounts

Released back in 2013, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has reached 4 million registered accounts. This can be considered an impressive achievement depending on how many accounts are actually active, since there is a big difference between active and registered accounts.

Anyway, Square Enix has decided to celebrate the occasion through an attempt to bring some of its old users back. Starting today, the game will be free-to-play for all users who previously paid for a subscription. The offer lasts for a around two weeks before ending on March 9th.

In addition, there is a new patch 2.51 coming alongside this new offer. The patch adds new quests, items and more.

According to the patch notes, “Players can now visit the Manderville Gold Saucer to enjoy Chocobo Racing, Triple Triad, and a host of mini-games and activities.” Patch 2.51 is also adding new ‘aesthetician’ hairstyle.

As for the battle system, Ruin and Ruin II MP cost has been reduced. Lastly, how can a patch not include bug fixes? Here are some notable fixes and changes from  build 2.51:

  • An issue when using the /additionalaction command wherein the following actions did not function as intended:
    Byregot’s Blessing / Rapid Synthesis / Piece by Piece / Flawless Synthesis / Careful Synthesis / Careful Synthesis II / Tricks of the Trade / Hasty Touch / Brand of Ice / Brand of Earth / Brand of Wind / Brand of Water / Brand of Fire / Brand of Lightning
  • An issue in the trial Urth’s Fount wherein the action indicator for Odin’s Valknut attack was larger than the actual area of effect.
  • An issue in the trial Urth’s Fount wherein auto-attacks were not triggered even when standing within striking distance.
Visit the official blog for more details on the patch notes.