Bravely Second Moon Battles, Special Moves Explained

We know that the full name of the game is Bravely Second End Layer and that it is going to have these bonus costumes. We also know that Tiz Arrior is one of the new playable characters that the game is going to bring us.

The latest that Square Enix has shared with regards to the game is the new Moon Base Battles and how they work.

If you have played Bravely Default, you would remember how it used Wi-Fi connection based mini game to give you something else to do with it. The moon base battles are also the same.

On Mongolia’s hometown, you will be met with Demon Kings who wish to invade the base. You will be standing in their way with your eyes fixated upon rare items that you will get for defeating them. Not only that you will also be able to send them to others through the StreetPass.

Here are the enemies that were shared by the developers of Bravely Second:

  • Fifth Demon King: Sea Urchin
  • First Demon King: Swan
  • Fourth Demon King: Butterfly Tail (Goldfish)
  • Sixth Demon King: Hakusan (White Mountain)

You will be wondering what do you get to face them with. Well, the Moon Base is going to have Busterships that reduce the enemy levels and make them more susceptible to damage.

The more you attack the Demon Kings with the Busterships, the more their level will be reduced. These Busterships can also be levelled up which will result in greater damage to the enemies and also a greater attack rate.

Ultimately, they will differ from other special abilities due to the fact that you cant use them without any constraints however they are more powerful!

Nintendo 3DS will get Bravely Second in Japan on April 23, 2015.