Bloodborne: An Electric Darkbeast Revealed

The latest video for Bloodborne reveals another monstrous creation from From Software, which will be posing more threats to players next month.

Described as an “electric beast” that emerges from giant skeletal remains, the Darkbeast is said to be pretty mobile and will likely catch players off guard. Sony is calling it as a “malformed beast enveloped in blue lightning” that is host to a long body made entirely of skeletal bones.

This ancient being has a wrinkle-covered skull at one end and looks menacing.

The video is the last of IGN’s month-long coverage of the title.

Bloodborne is scheduled for release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 next month on March 24. The upcoming action-role playing game is being directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and there are a lot of hopes riding on this release. With The Order: 1886 failing to capture a stunning reception, the job now falls to Bloodborne.

So far, Bloodborne has been pretty open about itself and it looks like the game will be a smashing success.