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Batman Arkham Knight Trailer Code Has been Deciphered

If you thought that the Batman Arkham Knight trailer “Gotham is Mine” was just intense like the game, you know nothing! There was, apparently, a code in the trailer which some really dedicated fans have deciphered to unearth some more information on the game.

We saw in recent AMA session as well that Rocksteady is focusing a lot on sharing information about the characters that are going to be featured in the game; the code in the trailer also revealed more on them.

In one part of the trailer we get a string of characters that how up on screen and later on a couple of other codes were found.

The community is currently having heated debates on the matter, but they have been able to figure out three new spots on the website where characters bios get unlocked if you put in the deciphered code.

If you watch the video, you get the first code at about 0:07, the second at 0:25 and finally the third one at about 1:47.

When you go to the official website of the game you get three spots related to “Person of Interest” with code input options. If you enter the codes there you get a message that either reads “Incorrect password and field. Please decode cipher instructions and use elsewhere.”, or “Incorrect password. Please decode cipher instructions.”

However, some of the fans finally broke through and figured out that the first spot works if you enter “yeah right” the second one works if you enter “botanical gardens” and the last one works if you enter “your greatest fears.”

After that, the bios for some of the characters like Poison Ivy will be unlocked.

The Reddit thread has more details on the matter so you might want to check it out yourself.