Batman Arkham Knight AMA Held by Rocksteady Studios

Only a couple of hours ago, Rocksteady Studios released a really, really epic trailer titled Gotham is Mine and it pulled me back to Batman Arkham Knight so much I couldn’t resist looking for more on the game.

What I picked up was a Reddit based AMA session being held by the developers; while the session question and answer session has now ended, it has left us with some new bits and pieces of information on the game and the characters that we love.

We all love Riddler, or maybe hate his guts, but we do want him in Batman Arkham Knight; and there are some of the fans who are wishing he had a more impactful role this time around. The developers were questioned about it and here’s what they have to say on the matter:

Riddler has an awesome storyline this time around. His desire to defeat Batman on an intellectual playing field means their conflicts are ALWAYS personal, and the dialogue team have been having a great time writing for him. Don’t want to spoil too much about his role!

The Batsuit is also going to be something you should look out for; it has been designed to mirror the Batmobile and “when you unlock the new suit, it opens up a load of new abilities, in combat, navigation, and interaction with the Batmobile.”

Oh and some of the controls have been tweaked to incorporate the use of L1/LB for calling the Batmobile.

If you have been wondering how Harley and the Red Hood are going to feel like in the game, the developers let uss know that “their gameplay reflects their personalities in ways that feel totally natural when you pick up the controller.”

About Scarecrow being the main villain, they say that he was left out of Arkham City on purpose so that he could return as the main villain in this one; and this is why he is here:

He’s an expert in the use of fear, just like Batman, and he thrives in situations where his opponents are second-guessing themselves. In terms of both gameplay and narrative, that makes him incredibly interesting because players never know what to expect or what to believe.

Yeah, expect a lot of that in Batman Arkham Knight.

There is a lot more where that came from, so head over to the Reddit thread and see if you can siphon out something else.