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Velocity 2x Coming to Xbox One and PC This Summer

The highly popular PlayStation title known as Velocity 2x is coming to Xbox One and PC. Future Labs and Sierra are partnering to turn this game into a multiplatform title.

Release date for the new ports is yet to be announced but according to the official blog, we can expect to see the game on Xbox One and PC this Summer. Futurlab’s James Marsden said in the post:

“Self publishing is HARD, I spent more time doing PR and marketing on Velocity 2X than I spent designing levels. I became a bottleneck for the whole project. That was far from ideal.

“Thanks to blogging it’s now common knowledge that marketing is just as important as making a great-innovative-artistically-stunning-multiple-award-winning-GOTY (some people might say more important). So, given that marketing is vital to success, who could be better suited to hold aloft our creations than Sierra? The best bit is that we retain control of our IP.”

Velocity 2x was originally released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita back in September 2014. It is a shoot ’em up styled 2D game that received a lot of praise from the critics.

Fans will surely be happy to play it on Xbox One and PC later this year. For more on Velocity 2x, stay-tuned to SegmentNext.

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