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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Errors, Install Issues, Controls Issues and Stuttering

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is an episodic adventure comprising of 4 weekly episodes. Each of these episodes features 2 campaigns – one with Claire Redfield and Moira and the other one with Barry Burton and Natalia Korda.

Capcom has confirmed that the game will run at native 1080p resolution with 60-FPS on PC, PS4, and X1.

Yet it seems like the PC version is not free from the usual hiccups that we often come across. This piece basically provides an overview of some commonly reported errors along with their possible workarounds.

#1 – Stuttering Issues
The game happens to stutter a lot in some areas especially during Claire’s campaign mode.

When switched to Barry’s campaign mode, the game runs absolutely fine. This may be due to bad optimization, but a fix that has helped a handful of people is turning off AA and setting the HDR to low.

#2 – Performance Issues
Due to some reasons, when the game is played in full screen, it utilizes 100% CPU and GPU. In order to overcome the issue, simply run the game in Windowed Mode which cuts off the CPU and GPU usage to half and allows most players to run it at 60 FPS with Vsync turned on.

#3 – Install Issues
You spend your hard-earned cash for buying the game only to find out that there is no install/download button. This is a commonly reported issue by many players.

Currently, the only way to fix the said issue is by restarting the Steam Client and waiting for at least 10-15 minutes or so. I cannot say why this happens, but this is the only method to make it work as of this instant.

#4 – Mouse Control Floating Everywhere
This is another common issue faced by a lot of players. Anyone who has played the game for more than 5 minutes must have noticed crazy mouse acceleration. A temporary way to fix this issue is by turning off the VSync and lowering the HDR.

#5 – Error #51 Fix
For some people, ‘error 51’ is showing when trying to launch the game. This issue usually occurs due to an antivirus running in the background – especially ESET NOD32. The only way to fix this issue is to disable your antivirus or change it to something such as Avast.

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