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New Leaks for Destiny: House of Wolves Reveal Asteroid Hangout

If several leaked screenshots are to be believed, Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves expansion pack will add a new place for players to gather.

According to the above image (posted on Reddit), players will be able to take a trip to the asteroid belt and visit the “Reed Social Space.”

While it’s unknown as to what this new location really is, judging from its name alone puts it on similar lines to that of Destiny’s Tower, a place where players can gather to shop, pick up missions and interact with one another.

Other images posted today show a new Strike, a new crucible playlist and two single-player missions that are specifically designed for high-level characters to battle on the moon.

The leak comes from the same user who earlier this month posted details relating to gear, weapons, level caps and the release date for House of Wolves.

In reply, Bungie stated that players should be wary of such leaks because the final release is still not finalized. Hence, players might not get what they are led to believe through these leaks.

The DLC is still in development and that means the content is subject to change. House of Wolves is expected to arrive sometime between April and June. This is going to be the second expansion pack for Destiny, following The Dark Below which was released last December.