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New 3DS Exploit Bypasses Micro-Transactions in Pokemon Shuffle

Micro-transactions are always a pain for us all during free-to-play games. One example is free-to-play puzzler Pokemon Shuffle where players are asked to buy gems to gain more lives and get in-game cash.

However, the creators at Nintendo won’t be happy to know that hackers have found a way to bypass micro-transactions in Pokemon Shuffle. Gems that cost 89p for one and £42.99 for 75 won’t be needed anymore. Hackers managed to change the original cost of items in the shop to make them all free.

The exploit apparently uses a technique previously used to play Gameboy Color Roms on 3DS. Hackers found that new code can be injected into a legitimate copy of the game using the 3DS browser.

The method can only be used on previous models of 3DS as the New 3DS and 3DS XL models have updated browsers. Moreover, it only works on firmware version 9.0-9.5 for 3DS.

Making in-game purchases isn’t necessary, lives and coins will fill-up on their own but slowly. It takes a lot of time and patience so it often becomes frustrating for players. The exploit in question may help but it can’t be used by the masses who own 3DS.

Do you think free-to-play model with micro-transactions is the right way to go for games? Or should developers offer a PayOnce and Play model, similar to Apple?