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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s Freedom Needs to be Compensated to “Avoid Incoherency”

Hideo Kojima believes that there is a problem with the amount of freedom Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gives to players. The game does offer a true open-world experience, but that may not tie up well with how the missions go.

In an update provided by the creator of the series, Kojima revealed that the amount of freedom currently being given to player may have a negative impact on experience. Too much of anything is not always right and the developer wants this game to be perfect.

He’s now looking towards a way to amend the issue without sacrificing too much of that freedom. Here’s what Kojima tweeted earlier, where he explained his current dilemma with gameplay:

MGSV allows you free stealth mission in open world. Not only broad map but also infiltrate routes/transport methods depends on you. We must compensate spontaneous freedom in order to avoid in-coherency. What I’m doing right now is to solve such problem.

Let’s say we plan on climbing mountain. We start from preliminary investigation, training, mapping, getting gear, simulating before action. But unexpected happens (different map, bad weather, dead-end road, wrong gear, thin air, someone gets sick) when actually climbed.

It is the same as game/movie creation. We encounter many various problems during dev from big to small but it never completes unless solving this problem. No point/choice of return. It’s only how we beat our brains out and aim the top of the target, that’s the best part.

We still don’t have an official release date for the game. In light of this latest update, it seems likely that we’ll have to wait longer.

Kojima won’t release this game unless he’s absolutely satisfied with its offerings. Fans of the franchise can sleep well knowing that the game will in fact release in a flawless condition.