Isometric Shooter LA Cops is Coming to Xbox One and PC on March 13

Top-down isometric shooter, LA Cops is headed to Xbox One, developer Modern Dream has announced.

The game is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access at £8.99. It features six characters, five weapons, and five levels. The developer has announced that the full version will release on PC and Xbox One on Mar. 13, 2015 – the Xbox One version is being published by Worms developer Team 17.

From its 70s setting to camera-perspective, LA Cops is clearly inspired by Hotline Miami. Players can see the interior of levels with ceiling removed and destroy environments. As far as the story goes, the game’s cut-scenes tell the tale of different cops in the game.

Although Modern Dream did not announce any additional content for the Xbox One version at the time of writing this, you can expect more details as the official release date draws near.

You can check the announcement trailer pasted above to see how the game plays out.

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