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Here’s Why 2K Sports Doesn’t Update WWE 2K15 Rosters

WWE 2K15 was released to the last generation of consoles in October 2014 and to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2014. However, they have not updated the rosters ever since the release.

In fact, they don’t really do so at all.

Many of the fans wonder why is that especially when we have examples of other sports based games that ensure regular updates are made to the player rosters in order to incorporate real time changes. We have

It appears that the developers think they already put in a lot of effort to bring out the wrestlers animations and the entrances of the wrestlers that it takes its toll.

I am not saying that, it is Marcus Stephenson, the community manager at the official forums of 2K Sports said that.

Someone was asking around why they didn’t update and in his reply Stephenson agreed with another forum member who said that “its not as easy as NBA, MLB, NFL because the models are different,” and then continued:

We model an entire superstar, entrance, animations, etc. VERY different than sports games that have a set number of body types and replace heads. I would know — I was a designer at EA SPORTS and actually assigned the body types…

So yeah, that is why they don’t have the time to keep updating the WWE 2K15 rosters.

There are many of the fans who say that while other games can get weekly roster updates, it still doesn’t make sense why WWE 2K15 cannot get monthly or even quarterly updates.

Do you think the reason that Stephenson gave is legit? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.