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Fable Legends Announced as Free-To-Play

Fable Legends is going to launch as a free-to-play game on the Xbox One and PC, Lionhead Studios has announced.

The business model, which looks to be inspired from League of Legends, will have heroes available for free in a random rotation over time. You’ll still be able to purchase them for permanent use using either in-game currency (Silver) or real cash.

Initially, players will have access to four heroes for free. After a couple of weeks, all four will be replaced with a new batch. This rotation will be on an endless loop, giving players the opportunity to try out each character for free and deem what’s suitable in accordance to their liking.

An important thing to note is that your progress with heroes will not be reset once the rotation changes. You’ll still start where you left off each time your favorite character returns.

The news of Fable Legends going free-to-play is surprising since it was naturally assumed that it would retail for the normal $60 price.

Seeing how Evolve – another four-versus-one multiplayer game – was released recently to the backlash of the community against its DLC pricing. It’s possible that it was what pushed Lionhead to go ahead with an alternate model.

Fable Legends will also feature cross-play between both platforms, a feature which is always appreciated. The game will release later this year for the Xbox One and PC.