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Europa Universalis IV New Patch 1.10 Detailed

Europa Universalis IV is getting a new DLC tomorrow called El Dorado. Along with it, patch 1.10 will be released for the owners of El Dorado and also for those who just own the base game. Paradox Interactive has released the most extensive patch notes I’ve seen in a while, detailing numerous changes, addition and improvements to the game.

Paradox has added a brand new religious reform system to Maya, Nahuatl and Inti religions. Each religion has 5 reforms “that they can pass by achieving certain conditions.”

Upon passing all 5 reforms and bordering a Western country, they can reform their religion, which jumps them up on par with that Western country in technology and disables the special religion mechanics such as Doom and Authority. The reform bonuses are kept permanently even after reforming.

Players can explore uncharted areas by ordering fleets with explorers. On the other hand, if you own El Dorado DLC you can gain access to Privateers. There are also some  “Free Features” which are listed below.

  • MP: Faster savegame transfers.
  • Added lots of new DHEs (dynamic historical events) for South and Central American countries.
  • Added Inti, Nahuatl and Mayan religions.
  • Autosaves in MP now have the prefix “mp_” so that mp autosaves don’t overwrite your singleplayer autosave.
  • The Dacke Feud for Sweden is now a disaster instead of an event-chain.
  • Added a new disaster for the Ottomans, called the Janissary Decadence, which replaces some parts of the old event-chain for janissaries. Enjoy a disaster without unrest.
  • All subjects now have Liberty Desire towards their Overlord based on factors such as relative strength, war exhaustion and tariffs. Their attitude towards Overlord is determined by their level of Liberty Desire, with subjects at >50 liberty desire refusing to pay taxes and contribute to wars, while subjects at 100 liberty desire are likely to declare an independence war.

For a more in-depth look at the patch notes, visit the link here.