Cities Skylines Developers are Committed to Modding Community

Cities Skylines has been flaunting its features in competition too what SimCity hhas to offer and the developers are really building on everything that the game will bring.

For instance, a recently released developer diary iterated the development studio’s commitment to the modding community. They assured that extensive levels of support will be provided to the modders so that they can enjoy the game the way they want.

In the video we have embedded above, you will not only hear the Mariina Hallikainen the chief executive officer of Colossal Order and Jakob Munthe of publisher Paradox, you will also be able to check out what the game looks like.

Starting from the ability to build your own buildings and other things alike, Cities Skylines is even going to let you create the type of landscape you want including rivers, lakes, and so on. In words of Munthe you will have artistic freedom to do what you want:

You will be free to create your own individual vision of your perfect city, bringing your own ideas into the game and ultimately blurring the line between playing and creating.

Cities Skylines is being developed for Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X; it is slated for a release on March 10, 2015.