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Battlefield Hardline Premium Details Leaked: 2 Week Early Access

Back in early February hints related to the Battlefield Hardline premium started surfacing primarily due to some info that came up through the customization menu in the game’s beta.

This was followed by some teases that went out from the official Facebook page of the game, and later a clear confirmation that the premium services were coming soon.

Naturally, we were waiting for Visceral Games or Electronic Arts to loosen the noose on it and let us know what the Battlefield Hardline premium was going to bring us.

News came out, but not from the official sources.

An image related to the marketing campaign of the premium has surfaced (thanks to GameStop). I am sure you won’t be surprised by the details that have been leaked, but it is good that we have some evidence for it.

The premium membership is going to bring you two weeks’ worth of early access, four expansions, 12 extra battlepacks and of course some items exclusive to the membership. Here’s an excerpt from the screenshot:

Continue to live out your cop and criminal fantasy with Battlefield Hardline premium. Delivering four expansions, 12 additional battlepacks, exclusive items and more. Premium members also get two weeks early access to the expansion packs, getting the latest and the greatest and being the hottest of the streets of Battlefield Hardline. And just to make sure everyone else knows you are a premium member, get Premium-exclusive camos, patches and more to dominate in style.

In the end, the screenshot suggests that this is not all what you will be getting; they will be announcing more on a later date.

Battlefield Hardline Premium

The game releases to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 17 in North America and on March 19 in European Union.