Want to Date Nicolas Cage? Caging Me Softly Might Help

This is for all the ladies and guys (if you are into that sort of thing) who would like to date Nicolas Cage himself. After thorough scientific research and years of hard work, a deviantArt user Angequilla has managed to create a simulation (sort of) that can give you a feel of dating the superstar in a hilarious way.

The decisions you make in the simulation will impact the ending and if you make all the right choices, say all the right things about Cage’s facial features (yes FACE!) you will have a long life of romance and children with the star. However, on the other hand if you slip-up, you will end-up in jail. You’ve been warned!

Seriously, it’s the creepiest and most disturbing game or whatever it is I have seen so far. Still, it’s kind of funny when you get past all the creepiness. Oh and I almost forgot, the simulation is called Caging me Softly and can be downloaded from here.

Cage may not be that big in the movies industry anymore but the internet surely has an obsession with his face. The amount of ridiculously hilarious content related to his face is unbelievable.

Caging Me Softly has about 4 minutes of gameplay which for some of us will still be slow torture. The whole gameplay is posted above. Check it out and share your opinion in the comments below.