Total War Attila DLC, Longbeards Culture Pack Trailer Released

Total War Attila released on February 17, 2015; for reflecting the long forgotten days accurately dynamic campaign and impressive graphics let it end up in the fairly positive pile of reviews from critics.

This means one thing above others, fans are going to want to play the game and for that Creative Assembly will have to talk about DLC plans.

So here we are with a brand new video for a Total War Attila DLC called the Longbeards Culture Pack – I love that name.

The video, which appears to be the first of a series called “Spotlight Unit,” discusses three new factions that are going to be introduced to the game. These are the Langobards, the Burgundians and the Alamans.

According to the video, all three of them will be playable in the single player or the multiplayer campaigns, the custom battles as well as the multiplayer battles.

Apart from discussing the lore behind all three of the faction, the trailer also shows off some of the army types with their pros and cons as well as tips on how to make the best out of them.

The Total War Attila Longbeards Culture Pack DLC is slated for release on February 26 i.e. tomorrow.