New Mortal Kombat X Trailer Shows Kitana’s Fighting Variations

Each character in Mortal Kombat X will feature not one but three different fighting variations. Developer Netherrealm Studios has now released a new video showing three variants of Kitana.

Similar of other fighters, the warrior princess also has three fighting styles that are detailed below and in the video above.

Assassin: This style will allow Kitana to perform rushdown attack along with Perry. One of her moves called the Assassin Dash will allow her to get closer to the opponent. Lastly, her fans can be sharpened to increase the amount of damage.  If you like to go on the offensive, Assassin is the fighting style for you.

Royal Storm: This variant will features long range attacks and is for players who like to be defensive.  Kitana can use square boost to escape corners.

Mournful: Selecting this style will allow Kitana to use Jade’s glaive and staff. Her fighting style will be a mix of Jade and classic Kitana.

If you wish to know more, check out the video. Mortal Kombat X is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on April 14.

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