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Neverwinter Release Date Announced for Xbox One, Coming This March

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced the release date for Neverwinter, which is March 31. The title will be available for Microsoft’s Xbox One as a free-to-play MMO and will feature all the content from the base product, Along with Tyranny of Dragons and Scourge Warlock DLC.

All the playable classes currently available for the PC version are included but those who want to play the game for free on Xbox Live, should get a Gold membership.

At launch, Neverwinter will include all the content from the base game, all current playable classes including the Scourge Warlock, and the Tyranny of Dragons expansion. Neverwinter will be free-to-play for all Xbox Live Gold members and will bring the memorable Dungeons and Dragons universe onto Xbox One.

The title will also make use of some Xbox One features integration with Friends List and controls optimization “to better introduce both novice and veteran adventurers into the Forgotten Realms on the console.”

Based on the Dungeons & Dragons idea, the game was released for PC back in 2013. With the coming release of this Xbox One version, we can expect to see a PlayStation 4 iteration at some point as well.

We have reached Cryptic Studios for comment regarding the PS4 version and we’ll update the article as soon as something new is shared. So check back for more on Neverwinter and let us know what you think of this announcement in the comments.