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League of Legends New Champion, Patch 5.4 Changelog Revealed

Riot Games has finally announced a new champion “The Bard” for League of Legends roster after a bit of teasing. The new character has some teleportation abilities, a massive beard and can summon Meeps, a set of spirit monsters to help him in battle.

When Bard attacks, these Meeps also throw themselves at his target before taking a trip back to the spirit world. This causes extra damage to the opponent and gives Bard an edge.

Bard is announced as a support character with a twist. He is able to gain advantages just by “moving around Summoner’s Rift.” He also has a musical ability which is known as Ancient Chimes. Whenever Bard is on the “Fields of Justice,” his presence makes these chimes drop and gathering them gives a temporary speed boost.

More details about the new Champion can be found on the official website.

As for patch 5.4, it make a number of changes to Mages:

Up front: the new +120 AP item is currently slated for a future patch (soon(tm)), but this hasn’t stopped us from working on the few mages that needed help in a post-DFG world. Actually, like we mentioned in the patch 5.2 foreword, the impact of DFG’s removal hasn’t been all that noticeable in champion performance, but there were two we knew would have identity crises (that’s the plural) in the aftermath: Mordekaiser and Veigar.

You can go into details about the new patch by here.