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Advanced Warfare Themed 1TB Xbox One at £299 at GAME

Remember the limited edition Xbox One console that was released in the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare theme? It was a must have for the series fans and now it looks like it is a must have for everyone regardless of their love for the COD series.

I say that because GAME is selling it for £80 less than what it was originally priced at.

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Limited Edition Xbox One Console as they call it comes with a Game of the Year Edition of Forza 5 as well as a 1TB hard disk space. It was previously being sold for £379.99 but now the price has been reduced to £299.99.

Needless to say it also has a copy of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and the a themed controller.

GAME is boasting of the hard disk space which is twice the size of what a standard console has by saying that with this you will “experience a new generation of gaming with the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Limited Edition Xbox One with One Terabyte Hard Drive.”

So far the limited edition console is available at the official website, though we are not sure how long it will last. In case you have been waiting to get your hands on one – and decided to wait for the right price – this might be it.

We suggest that you head to the listing, check it out yourself, and maybe buy it while it lasts.

As far as the latest news on Advanced Warfare is concerned, the developers are weighing up the future update; they announced that more than 15 weapons will get tuned.