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Advanced Warfare Clan Raids Announced, DLC Details Leaked

Beachhead Studio has revealed a new way for different Clans to earn gear and rank-up. New set of challenges are being introduced under the name of Clan Raids. Users who participate in the clan raids can also get a chance to win “Equilibrium gear set.”

Players can earn new gear by using tokens through completing different challenges in this mode. If your team is able to collect enough tokens, new gear will be unlocked.

Raids can be initiated by your Clan Leader at any time, allowing you to play when you want. Choose a squad, select the Raid, and complete a diverse set of objectives in a race against the clock. New Raids will be added over time, so there’s always a new challenge to look forward to when using the Call of Duty Companion app, whether it’s cooperating with your Clan in Raids or fighting for top spot in Clan Wars.

The new feature will first be introduced as a preview for Diamond Division clans starting March 9. Later on it will be released for all clans. More information can be found on the official website.

Moreover, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare received a new DLC called Havoc last month. Within Havoc there are some files related to unreleased and unannounced content for the game.

The leak came via a twitter user named Max Wittfeld who posted images of four different weapon camos. Max said that he found the content while messing around with the game’s memory addresses.

Sledgehammer is yet to comment on the leak regarding Advanced Warfare weapon camos but you can check out screenshots Max shared above.