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Xenoblade Chronicles X Auto Run Feature Confirmed

Xenoblade Chronicles X is really shaping up to be a game worthy of your attention. If you look at the game play details that Monolith Soft has been sharing with us in the recent days – like the extensive exploration system – you will also agree with me.

We have something else for you now. Te official Twitter profile of the game received a couple of new tweets from the developers who looked like they were in the mood for sharing.

The first tweet (thanks Siliconera for the translations), which was actually about the Hopper Camera revealed the existence of an Auto Run feature for the characters:

The Hopper Camera and Navigation Ball seem quite popular. To tell the truth, there’s also an auto-run feature for moving in a straight line, and there’s the fast travel, too, of course.

That’s not all, they also said that the auto run feature was sort of a conundrum for them owing to the fact that it takes the players off of the experience thy are supposed to get from the environment:

However, as the developer, we feel conflicted because we’d like users to refrain from using them too much and take their time traversing and enjoying the landscape and enemy placement.

In case you wish to see more of Xenoblade Chronicles X, we have a bunch of new screenshots that were revealed some days ago. If you haven’t seen them already, head here for them.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is being developed as a Wii U exclusive that will be released in Japan on April 29, 2015. This will be followed by a release in the North American and PAL region of course but so far we don’t know the exact release date – just that it will come out in 2015.