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Shadow of Mordor Infographic Shows Insane Numbers, 5.65 billion Uruks Killed and More

Shadow of Mordor came out late last year and has since seen exceptional success. Millions of players who bought the game have killed billions of Uruks, according to an infographic released by Monolith Productions.

The infographic gave us a few details of just how popular the game has been among users, by sharing impressive numbers. The developer claims that since the game’s release, players have killed 5.65 billion Uruks and played the game for over 74 million hours.

Additionally, if players killing Uruks wasn’t enough bad news for them, another 1.3 billion Uruks met their faith at the hands of other Uruks. The creator also shared numbers related to its Nemesis system and revealed that over 95 million Nemesis have been created with 6.6 million resolved vendettas.

Some other figures show 200 million Uruks dominated, 7.3 million Graugs dominated/ridden and Uruks managed to kill over 72 million players.

You can visit Monolith Facebook page for more details.

Shadow of Mordor will soon receive a new prequel DLC that will allow players to play as Celebrimbor. The DLC is named The Bright Lord in which Celebrimbor will attempt to take down Sauron. In the DLC, level cap for enemies has been raised to  25, presenting a bigger challenge.

The release date for the new DLC is yet to be announced. However, apart from the DLC, fans would love to see a sequel to the game and considering the amount of Uruks killed so far, it may be hard to convince Uruks to be a part of another title.