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PlayStation 3 Update 4.70 is Here, Changes PSN Logo, Name

Even if we have more than 18 million PlayStation 4s out in the market right now, the number of PlayStation 3 that Sony has sold is a multifold larger than that.

Many of us have upgraded to the latest generation of consoles but more are still using the same old console.

Obviously, maintenance and upgrades for the console are still being made and the latest in that line went live only recently.

It is not a very extensive firmware update and it doesn’t change something massive in the console; but it is new. Here are the patch notes that were provided by Sony:

  • Closed Captions are now supported for the Playback of Blu-Ray Disc titles and DVDs. To display closed captions, select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions].
  • The style used for for closed captions, such as the font, size and color, can now be adjusted. Select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions Settings].
  • The name and icon of [PSN™] were changed to [PlayStation™ Network].

So yeah it is not PSN anymore it is PlayStation Network – as if we didn’t know. As far as the icon/ logo of the PlayStation Network is concerned, you can check it out in the image below.

PSN Logo New

In order to get the PlayStation 3 update 4.70 running on your console, you should hit “System Update” in “Settings.”