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Next Advanced Warfare Update Tunes 15+ Weapons, Elite Gear Discussed

Sledgehammer Games is currently working on more updates to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare; and now we know at least one thing that the next patch is going to bring you.

Michael Condrey the studio head took to his Twitter profile with a number of tweets revealing that they will be tuning more than 15 base weapons with the upcoming update.

He was asked if MP11 was going to get a buff, and while he didn’t say it was he replied with the following tweet.

We do know that SN6 is getting a buff though.

Oh and Condrey also hinted at ways to get Elite gear other than Loot Drops. Someone said that he wanted an Elite Bal because even after being at Master Prestige he didn’t have anything. Condrey’s reply was that “Master Prestige is a good place to be right about now.”

This was followed up by another hint where he said that “your luck is about to turn.”

In parallel news, a community based event called Point & Shoot is being held where players of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be recording footage of their matches and uploading them to the official website of the game.

The community will then upvote or downvote them based on their liking; this will ultimately result in a Hall of Fame list being generated i.e. your easiest way to fandom.

Coming back to the topic, so far Sledgehammer Games has not shared any other specifics on the next update. However, we will keep you updated as soon as new information pours out.

Do tell us which base weapons you want to get improvements on.