Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth DLC Releases Next Week, Features New Enemies and Rewards

Lords of the Fallen will be getting its next Ancient Labyrinth expansion pack on March 3, CI Games has announced.

While the DLC will be available for the Xbox One and PC on the same day in both Europe and North America, PlayStation 4 owners in North America will have to wait a day to gain access to the Ancient Labyrinth. European PS4 consumers though, will get access on the same March 3 release date.

The DLC was first announced in November and as of yet, information on its pricing has not been revealed.

Ancient Labyrinth features a new storyline that is set in a “long-forgotten library that exists somewhere between the human and demonic realms.” Players will get access to a new realm in the game, where they will have to explore to unearth ancient secrets and face off against all kinds of new enemies. In the weaponry department, Ancient Labyrinth will feature new weapons, shields, and armor.

According to CI Games, players can expect the same challenging gameplay from the DLC as they have with the original game. Doing multiple runs will earn you more rewards, and lastly, don’t forget to explore even the darkest corners of the labyrinth. You never know what treasures lay hidden.

You can watch a trailer above.