Hellblade Dev Diary 9 Talks About Music of the Game

After having games like Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry to their name Ninja Theory is now bent on making their mark again with Hellblade.

After being announced at last year’s Gamescom, the Viking mythology based hack and slash game is finally developed enough to let Ninja Theory release dev diaries. They have done eight prior to the one they revealed recently.

This one talks about the music that Hellblade is going to bring you.

While it is fact that there are other, way more important, things that matter in making a game good or bad, we can’t deny the fact that the background music also has a part to play in the overall experience that we get out of it.

In the video we have embedded above you will be able to listen to Dominic Mathews of product development, Tameem Antoniades the creative head and musician Andy LaPlegua discuss how they churned out the kind Viking music that they wanted.

If you have listened to LaPlegua’s music before, one line from him would tell you what to expect. He says that he “really just wanted to have free hands to explore on this.” His music is recognised as being aggressive which means having “free hands to explore” will let him give us something even more aggressive.

Hellblade is being developed for PC and PlayStation 4; it will be out later this year.