Watch the trailer for Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels will officially release on March 10 for PC, Red Thread Games has announced.

In addition to the confirmation of the release date, the developer also released a new trailer for the second episode which highlights the new city players will be able to explore.

In an earlier update, Red Thread Games mentioned that the new episodes will focus heavily on choice and consequence through dialogue. During your progression, you’ll be bombed with various conversational choices.

Your choice of words will determine the path for you to walk on. There’s no right or wrong, and choosing different dialogues can help you deter from whatever path you’ve already taken.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels is going to introduce plenty of new characters and places to explore. Players will get to experience a new city called Marcuria, capital of the Northlands, home to the Azadi occupying forces and to the resistance. Book Two is also going to continue the story of Zoë Castillo and Kian Alvane.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels is the second of five planned episodes for Dreamfall Chapters. A PlayStation 4 version of the game has been confirmed but a release date is still pending. It’s assumed that the console owners will have their way with Dreamfall Chapters sometime later this year.