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Developers Want Captain Toad to Be Featured in Mario Kart 8

How would you feel about Captain Toad being a part of Mario Kart 8? While we haven’t heard anything about it from the creators of Mario Kart 8, but Captain Toad Treasure Tracker’s producer has shared his interest to bring the beloved character to Nintendo’s flagship racer.

Speaking in an interview, Koichi Hayashida stated that he even emailed the director of Mario Kart on the matter:

“At this stage we don’t know. I personally want to see him featured in a variety of games. I’ve even ‘secretly’ emailed the director of Mario Kart to see if he’d consider including Captain Toad, but I haven’t heard back from him yet!”

Fans will strongly hope Nintendo replies to Hayashida as soon as possible with a positive response. Moreover, Shinya Hiratake, the director also spoke during the interview regarding the future of Captain Toad.

“Through the development of this game I’ve grown even fonder of Captain Toad. He can’t jump, and struggles to defeat his opponents, but it’s precisely that he is not a powerful character that he can show us his unique take on all these situations. As a developer of his game, and one of his fans, I look forward to seeing where he goes next.”

So there you have it, all goes well we may see Captain Toad DLC for Mario Kart 8 and another stand alone Captain Toad game of its own.